Eilis Clark MD Psychiatrist

Eilis Clark MD is a Psychiatrist in Citrus County, Florida

About Eilis Clark MD

Dr Clark graduated medical school from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine in 1995. She has successfully completed residency training in Psychiatry through Texas A&M/Scott & White, and Family Medicine through Duke/SRAHEC.

Dr Clark has worked at the VA, at Fort Hood, and also on an Assertive Community Treatment Team as a Psychiatrist, and as an outpatient Family Physician.

Dr Clark's approach to psychiatry is a combination of "high-tech high-touch", offering the best of both words. She also stresses the importance of nutrition and natural approaches to mental wellness, having a holistic approach. This does not negate the importance of modern medicine when needed, but is rather an integrative approach.

Dr Clark has thrived after a diagnosis of cancer in 2010, giving her a helpful perspective for people with life-limiting illnesses. If you are wanting to find a female psychiatrist near you who understands life's struggles and hardships, you will feel at home here.

Dr Clark believes it is important for you to feel comfortable during your visits, so she has chosen a very soothing private psychiatrist office.

Dr Clark lives with her fiancée and her teenage son. She enjoys gardening, jewelry-making and web page design.


Eilis Clark MD


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