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1st Visit $150*, Medication Follow-up $70* and up

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We don't take insurance, Medicare or Medicaid.  Here's why.

*Fees with a 30% Payment at Time of Service Discount




What can I expect in the first session when I visit Mind Time?

The first visit includes a comprehensive assessment of your mental and emotional issues, as well as medical issues and medicines that can impact your concerns.  

At the conclusion of the first visit, if we decide to work together, an collaborative action plan will be developed by you and the psychiatrist.

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Medicine can be an integral component of psychiatric care, and is essential for more severe psychiatric conditions. Sometimes, vitamins and supplements may be recommended to support mental and emotional health.  These visits are designed to ...


If you believe that you have depressive symptoms that are hard-to-treat, start here.   The reason is that if you have even the smallest amount of cycling or bipolarity to your depressive illness, …



If traditional psychotherapy has not been quite effective enough, or if you wish to tackle a problem quickly, or relax deeply, Hypnosis is likely to benefit you. Hypnosis is a deeply relaxed, but highly focused state in which the subconscious …

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Biofeedback, using skin sensors, can visually show your level of relaxation. Your heart rhythm, skin temperature and even brainwaves can be monitored.  This can help you develop tangible relaxation …



Mindfulness is a form of meditation, a skill, and even a way of life. Mindfulness Meditation increases awareness of sensations and feelings, but at a distance; in mindfulness meditation...

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If you are ready to interpret and receive messages from your deepest subconscious, or if you are just curious about what your dreams may mean, Dream Work will enlighten you.  We will work together to discover the individualized symbolism hidden …

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Creative Expressions can help you excavate deeply hidden emotions and beliefs, through writing, art, literature, film, music, poetry and even movement. At times, logic cannot enter into the subconscious easily enough to effect …



Emotional Regulation Skills, based on DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy), is skills training on 4 key topics. These skill sets are grouped into the following categories: Distress Tolerance, Emotional Regulation, Interpersonal Effectiveness …


What are the Fees? Fees may be perused here:  Menu of Services. There is a 30% PATOS (Payment at Time of Service) Discount for A La Carte visits.  Additionally,   After Hours Occurrences  $2.50 per minute.

Refills, referrals, letters best handled during appointments.

Regular mail is for scheduling and billing, not medical advice.

Use secured Channels for medical communication.  See policy.



We offer virtual visits through, using any internet browser!  This is a secure technology for telemedicine visits (telepsychiatry).   Virtual visits are only available for patients in Florida who have been evaluated face-to-face by Mind Time.  Virtual visits are charged at the same rate as face-to-face visits.

To check in for your virtual appointment, click here:

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Issues Treated*: 

Life Transitions


Coping with Cancer


Recurrent Dreams

Habit Control

Overly Stressed

*Please note that if you already have a therapist, you are expected to work with them on these issues!  Please be aware that brief medication visits do not allow enough time to cover these issues either.  If you wish, we will reserve special time to explore these areas with you.